Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this show being held in the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall?
A: No, the show is in the Blaisdell Hawaii Suites; better known to local folks as the Blaisdell Meeting Rooms. The Hawaii Suites are located on the Ward Avenue side (front) of the Exhibition Hall. We have reserved all 12 meeting rooms and removed all of the partitions to form one big room.
Q: Why is the show only 1 day and strictly vintage?
A: We always wanted to try something different. Over the years, many people have suggested that we do a one day show because they couldn't invest the time and energy into a multi-day show. The vintage aspect of the show is to focus it and make it more exciting and different. The strictly vintage, 20 years old and older, Wiki Wiki One Day Show is it!
Q: What is this "Early Entry?"
A: The show opens at 10:30am for the general public. Serious customers who want to enter and buy early, may enter the show at 9:30am by paying $15 for an Early Entry ticket. This group usually consist of antique/collectible dealers and/or determined collectors. However, anyone can enter at 9:30am as long as they purchase an Early Entry ticket from the box office.
Q: What does 20 years old and older mean?
A: Twenty years and older means that all items sold in the show must be at least 20 years old. Example: The next show will be in 2018, so all items in the show must be from 1998 or older.
Q: Why is the show held on a Sunday?
A: One reason is because street parking is free on Sundays. Also, Sundays seem to have a more relaxed atmosphere than Saturdays.
Q: This show will have no vendor pre-sales. Can you explain what this means?
A: No vendor pre-sales means that the show vendors will not be allowed to purchase anything until 9am, when the early entry people come in. We instituted this policy because we wanted to reassure the public that all of the good deals will not be gone by the time the first public comes in at 9:30am (early entry).
This is the same as having the early entry people come in at the beginning of the setup period (8:30am) except that we give the vendors 1 hour head start to set up.
The early entry public comes in at 9:30am and sales can start then. Setup will continue until 10:30am. That's when the general public will be let in.
Q: Is there a bank machine nearby where I can get ready cash to make purchases?
A: Yes, there are two bank machines in a kiosk near the box office outside. Tell your customers to have their hands stamped when they go outside so they can return without paying.
Q: Where's the nearest restroom?
A: The closest restroom is on the main concourse out the front entrance, past the elevator around the corner to the left.

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