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Waterlilies in Paradise
Indian Goddess
Welcome to Waterlilies in Paradise, the home of tropical waterlilies in Hawaii. A fragrant bouquet of colorful waterlilies always attracts a lot of oooohs and aaahhhss.

Tropical waterlilies can bloom all year in Hawaii's perfect climate. Hardy waterlilies which can survive the harsh winters of northern climates usually take a short Hawaiian vacation during the winter months and bloom again in spring.

All waterlilies need at least 5 to 6 hours of sun including the tropical night blooming varieties. Night blooming waterlilies are great for folks who work during the day. Night bloomers will open in the early evening and can stay open until almost noon the next day.

Almost any type of container can become a lily pond. I use antique galvanized mop buckets with wheels, old clawfoot bath tubs, even an old crucible. Just stay away from copper because it's not good for fishes.

We also carry fish safe 30 day time-release Aquatic-Tabs fertilizer in the 25 tablet bag elsewhere on this site.

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